Volunteering #gangubiesa2024

We welcome all mountain enthusiasts of mountain running. Here we will inform you how to our team. You must complete the online application form, we will contact selected people by e-mail with confirmation of admission to the UltraBies 2024 team.

Being a Volunteer is actually being part of something special, it is also an opportunity to gain fresh energy in the group of fantastic people. This is a chance to pursue your passions and the perfect way to meet other wonderful people who have similar interests and are probably, just like you, positively crazy.

If you are ready for this adventure, do not wait any longer, we invite you to our organizing team. In fact, after filling out a form that will allow us to learn about your abilities and skills, you will become part of this event. We will continue to be in touch, establishing a joint action plan for all volunteers.

Division of tasks and scope of work:

* competition office,

* route tracing: marking, traffic management, removal of markings,

* a team at servicing nutritional points on the routes,

* help in the start and finish zone, * help in the expo zone, media, setting, decorations.

We expect Volunteers to:

* diligence and commitment,

* responsibility, independence and common sense in teamwork as well as positive energy so that it is shared with other members of the team,

* positive attitude, a smile on your face and, believe us, if everything is as above, we will bring the mountains together.

As part of volunteering, we offer:

* the only and unique package for each volunteer, * accommodation in tourist conditions,

* food and drinks,

* the opportunity to participate in organizing a unique event in a unique place,

* on the last day it is possible to participate in the integration event,

* a large dose of positive endorphins.

We encourage you to complete your application via the form and we promise that you will not be bored with us 🔥🔥🔥🏃🏻⛰