Mythical Bies


  • Number of participants: 250
  • Time limit: 29h
  • Qualifying points: minimum 379 according to the scoring on *
  • Start: 10.05.2024, Kamieniołom Bóbrka godzina 16:00
  • Finish time: 11.05.2024 Skup Runa Leśnego w Dołżycy 21:00
  • ITRA: 5
  • RMT:7
  • UTMB:
  • Aid stations: 7
  • Aid on the trail: permitted throughout the entire route


  • For the first 50 finishers of the Mythical Bieszczady distance, a commemorative hoodie or vest.
  • 2.Classification in all races will be conducted in the categories of women and men (overall classification) as well as in age categories for women and men 18-29 (K, M 20), 30- 39 (K, M 30), 40-49 (K, M 40), 50-59 (K, M 50) i 60+ (KM 60). The categories do not overlap. The full classification will be published after the arrival of the last participant on the last day of competition for a given distance.
  • 3. The top three individuals in the overall women's and men's categories for each distance will be awarded.
  • 4. The organizer reserves the right to decide on awarding the top three individuals in age categories. Prizes will be dependent on the generosity of sponsors. The organizer reserves the right to award cash prizes on selected distances.
  • 5. Detailed information on whether and on which distances awards will be presented in age categories, potential cash prizes, and their amounts will be provided by the organizer in a separate communication
  • 6. The award ceremony will take place at the time and hours specified in a separate communication.

Registrations and Fees

Untill 31st December 2023Untill 28th February 2024Until March 31st 2024After 31st March 2024
360 zł380 zł410 zł440 zł

  1. Registrations will be accepted exclusively through the online registration form available at, which will be made accessible on November 11, 2023, at 12:00 PM
  2. A successfully completed registration requires filling out the online form in its entirety and paying the entry fee.

Welcome to the Mythical Bieszczady trail – the most anticipated race during the Ultra Bies Festival!

What is the Mythical Bies?

The Mythical Bies is not just a route that appears in the records once every three years; it is primarily an extraordinary opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the wild and mysterious corners of the Bieszczady region. The Mythical Bies is a challenge consisting of a mountain route of over 130 kilometers that connects the magical nooks of Lake Solina with the highest and most spectacular parts of the Bieszczady Mountains. This route is a great opportunity to traverse and experience this mountain diversity on your own two feet within a few dozen hours (the time limit is 29 hours). The Mythical Bies is not only a competition for the top podium spots; it is primarily a journey into oneself, a place, time, and space to achieve the status of a Mythical Ultra Runner.

Route Description

- Start from the quarry in Bóbrka. - The first half of the route involves relatively easy running through the major attractions of this part of the Bieszczady, namely the water dams in Myczkowce and Solina. - The first stage concludes with completing a half marathon and reaching the checkpoint in Polańczyk. - With every kilometer, we ascend higher into the Bieszczady Mountains. Along the way, we check in at the Górzanka checkpoint. - On the way to the Łopienka checkpoint, we encounter the peak of Korbania. - From there, it's just more mountains and long, spectacular ascents. We start with Łopiennik (after which we check in at the Cisna checkpoint), pass through Wołosań, Hyrlata, Jasło, Dziurkowiec, and Przełęcz Orłowicza.
The route is very intuitive, designed so that you will almost feel like you are touching the history and legends of beings from other worlds. Who knows, maybe at some point, you will encounter Leszy, Czuchajstr, or even Sân on your path? You will undoubtedly experience a lot of kindness and warmth at the refreshment points. Wonderful teams of volunteers will be waiting for you there, always ready not only to provide food and drinks but also to offer words of encouragement to keep you going!The Mythical Bies route is full of challenges. You will encounter demanding ascents and steep descents, which you will conquer with your endurance and determination. And when you are close to the finish line, the feeling of accomplishment and pride in overcoming this demanding route will fill your heart. Unforgettable experiences, incredible landscapes, and proximity to mythical stories - all of this awaits you on the Mythical Bies route. Join us on this exceptional journey that will forever be etched in your memory. Sign up today for the Mythical Bies challenge and join the brave souls ready to fight for the status of being a Mythical Ultra Runner!

*Qualifying points

Covering 130 km through the Bieszczady Mountains is no small feat, which is why we've implemented a minimum scoring criterion to assess your readiness for this challenge.
This criterion is established with your ultimate success in mind! We want everyone who decides to face the Mythical Bieszczady to have the necessary experience to reach the finish line of this 130-kilometer trail.
The time limit for the Mythical Bieszczady is 29 hours, equivalent to 379 points on the platform, which we will use for verification (you can already check your profile status on
For those who meet these criteria, unforgettable moments await on the trail, surrounded by fellow mountain enthusiasts, breathtaking views, and the extraordinary atmosphere of the Bieszczady Mountains. It's going to be a unique adventure!

And if you haven't reached the 379-point threshold yet, there's no need to worry. Let this be an inspiration to work on your fitness and experience. We know this trail is a challenge, but it's undoubtedly a valuable, satisfying endeavor well worth the effort to find yourself on it one day.

Trail information


130+ km

Elevation difference

12,075 m

Total ascent

6125 m

Total descent

-5950 m

Trail info


130+ km

High difference

6125 m

Elevation gain

12,075 m

Total descent

5950 m

Mandatory Equipment

  • Race bib placed at the front in a visible and readable location
  • Fully charged mobile phone
  • NRC emergency blanket measuring a minimum of 140x200cm
  • Headlamp with a set of spare batteries
  • Rear lamp emitting constant red light
  • Whistle
  • Reusable cup (the organizer does not provide disposable cups at checkpoints)
  • Running backpack capable of holding all mandatory equipment
  • Hydration system/bottles with a total capacity of at least 1 liter and a minimum of 1 liter of spare water when leaving each refreshment point
  • GPS device with the course track uploaded
  • Course map (can be on your phone)
  • Rain jacket with a hood, with a minimum waterproofness level of 10,000mm (regardless of expected weather conditions)
  • Appropriate trail shoes
  • Cap/buff
  • Elastic bandage
  • ID card or passport
  • Emergency number for mountain rescue (GOPR) saved in the phone or Ratunek app installed
  • Minimum 50 PLN in cash

Optional Equipment

  • Apparel suitable for current weather conditions